Inside the Storm: Waterspout turns to tornado on landfall in Mississippi

Waterspout turns to tornado on landfall in Mississippi Video courtesy Extreme Tornado Tours / Live Storms Media

Severe weather is progressing eastward with the parent system. Strong and severe thunderstorms produced tornadoes in Mississippi with a few waterspouts coming onshore in Long Beach, Miss.

The waterspout caused damage to a pier and boats as it moved over the water towards shore, then damaged trees and some buildings inland from the beach. Multiple vortices can be observed with the waterspout, especially as it approaches the seawall.

A waterspout is a tornado that is exclusively over the water. Once the waterspout progresses completely over land it becomes a tornado. Both are just as dangerous, though tornadoes tend to be more intense since temperatures are normally much much warmer over land, which means the parent thunderstorm has more energy to work with.

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