WATCH: Drone video of lava flowing from Mt. Kilauea

WATCH: Drone video of lava flowing from Mt. Kilauea. (Brandon Clement/LSM)

The Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island is erupting through a new vent.

The lava has spewed into the Leilani Estates neighborhood, about 25 miles south of Hilo. The rift is a new development on the continuous eruption that Kilauea has been undergoing since the 80s.

This video shows just how devastating the eruption is.

The lava is slow moving, but it burns everything in its path including the dense tropical forest along Hawaii’s south coast. The nearly 500 foot long crack in the earth’s surface is ejecting lava up to 100 feet in the air.

In addition to the lava flows – and likely because of it – Hawaii has experience a lot of earthquakes in the past 7 days.

More than 2700 earthquakes have rocked the Big Island of Hawaii in the past week. 9 of which have been 4.5 magnitude or higher. There is no way to predict when the flows will stop or if it will get worse.

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