Inside the Storm: Schools closed for blizzard in South Dakota

Schools closed for blizzard in South Dakota. Photo courtesy Evan Ludes / Live Storms Media

A potent reminder that spring has yet to really come to the northern plains as a winter system brought heavy wet snow to Rapid City and the Black Hills. Treacherous driving conditions were common throughout the Rapid City area and whiteout conditions made travel extremely slow for the morning commute.

All schools were closed due to the April blizzard. And many drivers were sent sliding into ditches and shoulders highways, forced to wait for tow trucks and recovery vehicles to get them out.

High winds have whipped snow into blizzard conditions and blizzard warnings cover parts of 6 states. Outside of the blizzard conditions high wind warnings stretch from Colorado to Mexico and the same storm system caused reported tornadoes and wildfires across Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

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