Inside the Storm: Weak tornado hits near Austin

A weak rain-wrapped tornado formed May 3 near Austin, Texas. (Live Storms Media/Gabe Cox)

Severe storms hit Oklahoma Wednesday and Thursday and as the threat goes down for us the threat rose in areas to our south and east. Storms early morning Friday were quite intense in Central Texas. Folks in the Hill Country near Austin, Texas were among those who had to take shelter from pounding thunderstorms.

Live Storms Media’s Gabe Cox was near Austin following one of the stronger storms that was showing signs of rotation. This video is from just west of Austin in Cedar Valley. Gabe was following what appears to be a rain wrapped tornado in this area.

Winds from this storm did cause some minor damage here. There were reports of trees down and power poles snapped in the Austin area from Friday morning’s storms. Some hail around quarter-sized was also reported in this area. By Saturday morning, tranquil weather returns for the entire state of Texas and the Southern Plains at large. Storm trackers will enjoy the break and prepare for the next time storms again darken the skies .

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