Inside the Storm: Timelapse of the formation of a Nebraska supercell

A timelapse shows the formation of a supercell May 17 near Alliance, Nebraska. (Live Storms Media/Evan Ludes)

Severe storms continued to flare up Thursday with some hail over 1-inch in Oklahoma. But, hail was up to 2.5-inches in diameter in parts of Nebraska near Alliance.

That’s where Live Storms Media’s Even Ludes was following one of Thursday's intense supercell thunderstorms. In this time-lapse video, you can see the approaching storm as it kicks up dust along it’s gust front. Winds were reported at up to 70 miles per hour in Nebraska. Rains were heavy and there was some flash flooding reported as severe storms hit a large area of the Great Plains stretching from the Canadian to Mexican border.

Here at home, the severe threat will hang on through the weekend. A cold front is likely to bring widespread storms across the state, including the Oklahoma City Metro by Saturday afternoon. Storms will also be likely Sunday with the greatest potential in southern Oklahoma. Next week, the weather pattern will remain unsettled, with above average heat and a chance of thunderstorms each day.

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