Inside the Storm: Timelapse captures tornado developing in New Mexico

Timelapse video shows a tornado developing May 23 in New Mexico. (Live Storms Media/Ryan Shepard)

Severe storms ignited once again in areas of far western Texas and into New Mexico Wednesday afternoon.

The dryline which separates dry, desert air and moist, tropical air had lined up north to south across the eastern part of the state. It was this feature that was the focus of severe thunderstorms Wednesday.

One severe storm developed in rural southeast New Mexico along the dryline. This rotating supercell was the subject of Live Storms Media’s Ryan Shepard camera that was set up to capture time-lapse video. In this video, the movement of the storm is sped up, making the rotating updraft that spawned the tornado easier to see.

The camera was still following this storm as it managed to spin up a tornado. With the relatively flat local geography here, the structure of the storm is clearly visible from a safe distance. There were no reports of any damage with this tornado near Picacho, New Mexico.

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