Inside the Storm: Surge of moisture hits the Midwest ahead of more severe storms

A surge of moisture is striking the Midwest ahead of severe storms. (Live Storms Media/Aaron Rigsby)

Some very strong early spring cold fronts continue to bring wild weather across parts of the US this week. A surge of moisture ahead of a strong cold front fed severe storms Wednesday across the Midwest. Flooding rainfall was a big concern across Ohio, prompting evacuations.

One of the areas hardest hit by the rapidly rising water was Rockbridge, Ohio. In this part of southern Ohio, floodwaters left some vehicles partially submerged and invaded homes. Residents of this area say “they’ve never seen anything like it.”

More precipitation is headed toward this area Friday evening into Saturday. Light rain is expected to change to snow overnight Friday, and snow will continue Saturday. Several inches of snow could accumulate here before melting away early next week. This is the same cold front that is expected to bring some a light winter mix to Oklahoma Friday night.

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