Inside the Storm: Storms light up the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles

Severe storms lit up the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles May 16. (Live Storms Media/Brandon Ivey)

Wednesday evening, storms lit up the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles.

Severe storms with large hail and strong winds put on a show for storm chasers who followed the towering cumulus clouds into the evening. It was hail that was the biggest threat Wednesday night as conditions were not favorable for tornadoes.

Live Storms Media’s Brandon Ivey tracked some of the day’s most intense supercell thunderstorms. Video shows just how the evenings hailstones were roughly the same size as golf balls. At times, the hail nearly covered the ground. Lightning from these storms was visible from many miles away. Fortunately, there were no reports of damage.

Some severe storms will be possible in the same area Thursday and storms will potentially fire up again through the weekend. Rain will be more widespread over this area over the weekend as a cold front arrives. Despite the recent storms, the majority of the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles remain in exceptional drought.

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