Inside the Storm: Severe storms strikes New Mexico

Hail falls May 21 near Corona, New Mexico. (Live Storms Media/Robin Lorenson)

Monday afternoon, the rising heat of the late May sun again provided energy for some severe thunderstorms.

Several severe thunderstorms popped up in the southwest in an area stretching from El Paso northward through New Mexico and into Colorado. One of the most intense storms went through the small town of Corona, New Mexico which sits between Roswell and Albuquerque.

Live Storms Media’s Robin Lorenson was in New Mexico following this severe thunderstorm. This storm did not produce a tornado, but the video shows some clear rotation and a wall cloud. At times the rain was blinding for drivers along Highway 54 near Corona. Mixed in with the heavy rain was some pea sized hail.

New Mexico may not be the state you think of first when someone mentions severe weather. However, in the summer months, humid air flows into the dry desert southwest and storms begin to pop up in far western Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. The summer is called the monsoon season, and the arrival of the humid air and thunderstorms usually comes later in the year, around the middle of June.

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