Inside the Storm: Severe storms pound Grady County

Heavy rains pounded Grady County May 16. (Jared Stevenson/Live Storms Media)

Tuesday featured early morning thunderstorms across the Oklahoma City metro, but that area of storms were not willing to go away quietly.

One batch of storms intensified in the late morning into early Tuesday afternoon and hit Grady County hard. Live Storms Media’s Jared Stevenson was there and captured some video of this severe thunderstorm.

As that storm approached Chickasha, Stevenson got a look at a well-developed shelf cloud from the powerful storm. The strong downdraft of this storm produced this shelf cloud and also led to some damaging winds in Chickasha. Grady County Emergency Management estimated that winds gusted to 75 to 80 miles per hour. That was enough for several reports of wind damage around town, including significant damage to the roof and steeple of Southern Hills Baptist Church.

This severe storm also dumped a huge amount of rain in a short time. Flash flood warnings were issued as some roadways in Chickasha were reported to have collected 1-2 feet of rain water. Over 3 inches of rain fell in 24 hours in Chickasha. Rain will not stay away long, more storms are possible every day into early next week.

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