Inside the Storm: Powerful supercell hits Nebraska

A powerful supercell struck May 10 near Broadwater, Nebraska. (Live Storms Media/Gage Shaw)

Tornado sirens were blaring across Broadwater, Nebraska Thursday evening.

Residents took shelter, but storm chasers from Live Storms Media were outside tracking the dangerous supercell storm. Winds from this storm did significant damage in tandem with hail up to 2.5-inches that pounded parts of the Cornhusker State.

This video captured by Live Storms Media’s Gage Shaw starts with the shelf cloud of this powerful supercell as he moved closer to the heart of this dangerous storm. Debris littered the road in the wake of this storms strong winds and the chasers had to swerve to avoid the tree branches during the heavy rain. The chasers literally reached the end of the road when a large tree made blocked the entire street.

Video shows several powerlines were snapped by the strong winds and a metal roof blown off a building. Other damage reported in this area included a truck blown over, another truck crushed by a tree, an irrigation pivot overturned. Some strong to severe storms will be possible this weekend in Western Oklahoma. However, storms and potentially severe storms will become more likely across a wider portion of our state, including the Oklahoma City metro, early next week.

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