Inside the Storm: Lightning strikes The Badlands

A time-lapse shows lightning striking the Badlands May 7 in South Dakota. (Live Storms Media/Evan Ludes)

Storms have not been as widespread this week in much of the nation, but a few strong to severe storms did manage to form across the Northern Plains. The jet stream has been farther north this week, in a pattern more typical of June or July. That means that hot weather has taken over much of the Southern Plains this week, and the potential for severe weather has decreased as the temperatures increased.

But, some strong storms with small hail and some damaging winds did form Monday in the Dakotas. This video captured by Even Ludes from Live Storms Media shows a time lapse of lightning with one of these storms. There were no tornadoes from this batch of storms, but 60 mph wind gusts and some large hail were reported.

Storms may pop up closer to home this week with some weak disturbances. However, with the summer-time upper level pattern in place, severe storms are not very likely. Next week, the jet stream is expected to shift, and a trough will develop across the southwest US. This will bring a higher potential for strong to severe storms back into Tornado Alley.

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