Inside the Storm: Lightning from Iowa storm captured in super slow motion

Lightning from a May 8 storm near Jefferson, Iowa is caught in slow motion. (Live Storms Media/Caleb Elliott)

The severe weather threat for the nation at large remains low this week as the jet stream stays north. However, some strong to severe storms have managed to form in recent days farther north than is typical for May. Tuesday it was South Dakota and Iowa where the strongest storms developed.

Caleb Elliott of Live Storms Media was tracking one of these storms as it moved into Iowa. He managed to use super slow motion video, that was shot at 1000 frames per second, to capture lightning from one severe storm near Jefferson, Iowa. That is more than 10 times the frame rate of that used by most traditional video cameras.

These storms also managed to produce some hail. Some of the larger hailstones Tuesday were bigger than a quarter, which is considered severe hail. The tranquil upper level weather pattern is expected to give way to a more unsettled one by the start of next week. Severe storms appear to be more likely across the Southern Plains after Mother's Day.

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