Inside the Storm: Large hail slams the Texas panhandle

Large hail caused thousands of dollars in damage to vehicles May 13 in the Texas panhandle. (Live Storms Media/Charles Peek)

Storms don’t have to make tornadoes to create significant damage.

Sunday, as storms fired in the Texas panhandle along the dryline, the tornado threat was low and hail was the biggest concern because the hail wasbig. Charles Peek of Live Storms Media was out chasing storms and he encountered some significant hail damage in Estelline, Texas.

This truck got smashed by large hail. It’s owner says hail was as big as baseballs, and that baseball sized hail shattered the windshield and back window. Bad luck for the owner who says his truck was only a month old.

Peek also got some video of vehicles that got stuck in a muddy ditch after pulling over to avoid large hail. More storms with the potential for large, baseball sized hail and winds over 70 MPH are likely near this area. Western and central Oklahoma, including the OKC Metro are in the crosshairs for Monday’s thunderstorms and some locally heavy rain is possible into the late evening and overnight.

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