Inside the Storm: Hail, high winds hit Colorado

A severe storm forms May 22 near Las Animas, Colorado. (Live Storms Media/Brandon Ivey)

Storm hunters have not had a lot of prey in recent days. But, experienced storm chasers have managed to stalk some of the isolated severe storms that have sprouted across the nation in late May.

Tuesday, one of those severe storms formed in southeast Colorado. Live Storms Media’s Brandon Ivey was there to capture the development of this storm.

In Las Animas Colorado, this storm flared up in the afternoon heat. The National Weather Service did have a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for this thunderstorm as it did have winds of 60 mph and quarter sized hail. Video shows the hail shaft that formed in the storm’s downdraft.

Much of May, the traditional “Tornado Alley” area where the most powerful thunderstorms typically would occur has been in a setup that is unfavorable for severe storms. The jet stream has been located farther north than usual for May, and in more of a summer arrangement. Temperatures have been warmer in the upper levels of the atmosphere and there has been a relative lack of wind energy and wind shear in the Southern Plains which have held down the potential for severe storms.

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