Inside the Storm: Gustnado develops during severe storm in western Kansas.

A gustnado was captured on timelapse May 18 in western Kansas. (Live Storms Media/Michael Gavan)

It’s been a bit busier over the past several days for storm chasers in the Southern Plains.

Overall, May has not brought many high-end severe weather to the region with large and long track tornadoes, but there have been a number of days with supercell thunderstorms stalking the Plains. Friday was one of those days, and the strongest storms of the day fired up in western Kansas.

Live Storms Media’s Michael Gavan was out tracking these storms Friday near Quinter, Kansas. Upper level winds were not particularly strong Friday, and without those upper level winds to guide storms, they moved very slowly. This storm was nearly stationary, which it a nearly ideal subject for a time-lapse video.

This was a tornado-warned storm and the time-lapse video does show a gustnado develop along the strong outflow from this thunderstorm. A gustnado is a vortex that forms near strong straight line winds, but it is not considered to be a tornado because the vortex does not extend up to the base of the cloud. Video also shows a developing funnel, but fortunately this funnel did not go on to intensify into a tornado. Winds were not the only weather hazard, hail also grew to be around 1” in diameter.

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