Inside the Storm: Devastating lava moves through Hawaii

A giant lava flow strikes May 6 near Leilani Estates in Hawaii. (Live Storms Media/Brandon Clement)

Severe thunderstorms with tornadoes can be devastating, but they can almost seem insignificant next to the destructive power of a volcano. The Kilauea volcano is located on the big island of Hawaii and a lava flow on the east side of the island continues to destroy any and all things in its path. The worst damage is in the Leilani Estates subdivision where evacuations continue and residents are powerless to stop the advancing lava to protect their homes.

Live Storms Media's Brandon Clement got his camera as close as possible to give us a front seat view. Lava flowing here is up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, and most anything that can burn, will burn at that temperature. Trees and houses burst into flames before coming in contact with the lava, then are swallowed up and become part of the earth after the liquid rock finally cools.

This Ford Mustang could have easily outrun the slow moving lava flow, but once the lava gets close enough to the car, the tires burst into flames and the rest of the car either burns or melts away into the unstoppable force from deep within the earth. Scientists at the United States Geological Survey are closely monitoring this latest eruption, but, the lava is not yet showing signs of stopping.

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