Inside the Storm: Damaging storm develops in southern Kansas

A strong storm develops May 14 near Arkansas City, Kansas. (Live Storms Media/Brandon Ivey)

Monday evening, severe thunderstorms impacted an area stretching from west Texas through western Oklahoma and into Kansas and beyond.

Some of the worst of the storms were hitting into northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas with winds and hail. Live Storms Media’s Brandon Ivey was tracking one particularly strong storm that in southern Kansas, just south of Wichita.

It was Arkansas City where the Brandon Ivey caught the worst damage. You can see a developing tornado here in multiple angles. This storm also produced some large hail. A quarter is one inch in diameter, and these hailstones were much bigger than that.

More storms will be possible in the next several days across the Southern Plains. Tuesday and Wednesday, western Oklahoma will be where severe storms will be likely to form along a dryline. This weekend, a cold front will be the trigger for potentially severe storms in Kansas and Oklahoma.

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