Inside the Storm: Chasers catch tornado in Wisconsin

Storm chasers captured a tornado May 9 in Wisconsin. (Steve Becker/Live Storms Media)

It’s the northern tier of the U.S. that has been the target for most of the severe weather this week.

Wednesday, it was Washington County, Wisconsin where Live Storms Media’s Steve Becker caught up to this tornado. The tornado appeared to be on the ground for some time in this area located just northwest of Milwaukee.

The hillier terrain and trees can make it much harder for storm chasers to put eyes on tornadoes. However, we can see what appears to be a tornado on the ground here in this video, although the base of the tornado is not visible. Damage near this tornado’s path was estimated to be from winds of around 80 MPH, or EF-0 intensity.

Crews from the NWS in Milwaukee are going to survey the damage areas Thursday afternoon. Other storms in the region produced wind damage in parts of central and northeast Illinois including near Chicago. Storms managed to cross Lake Michigan and still packed winds over 60 MPH in western Michigan. Next week, the upper level pattern is expected to shift, bringing higher potential for severe storms back into Oklahoma.

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