Inside the Storm: Heavy snow continues to fall in the Midwest

Heavy snow falls April 9 in Portland, Michigan. (Live Storms Media/Charles Russell)

Springtime cold weather continues to frustrate millions of Americans. Monday, more snow fell across the Midwest and Great Lakes states. That snow came down hard at times, despite the calendar, and even accumulated on some cooler surfaces.

Some of that heavier snow fell in Portland Michigan. Video from Live Storm Media’s Charles Russell shows just how the cold weather seems to be stubbornly refusing to obey the sign at the grocery store welcoming spring. Snowflakes clumped together, and fell hard enough to briefly accumulate on the grass before melting away.

Visibility was also quite low, and near zero at times in the heavy bands of snow. Rapidly rising air, like in thunderstorms, led to snow squalls, or more intense bands of snow that led to near whiteout conditions. Unfortunately for fans of warm weather in this area, more cold temperatures and snow will be possible at times into next week.

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