WATCH: Deer rescued from East Texas lake

A deer was rescued from Lake Conroe on Sunday. (Photo/video: Montgomery County Pct. 1 Constable)

A video posted on Facebook over the weekend shows a deer being rescued from an East Texas lake.

It happened in Lake Conroe, north of Houston, on Sunday. KHOU reports that wildlife and people can get into the lake easily, but retaining walls make it difficult to get out.

That's likely how a buck got stuck in the water, before he was rescued by a nearby homeowner and the Montgomery County Lake Patrol.

Lt. Timothy Cade with Montgomery County tells KHOU that while the homeowner wasn't hurt, rescuing a deer could be dangerous.

“They could kick you, cut you, hurt you. I mean, it would be a bad thing.” said Lt. Cade.

Deputies tell KHOU that they have pulled dogs and even a cow from Lake Conroe.

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