Carlo FalcoMeteorologist

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Carlo Falco is very excited to get the opportunity to forecast in Oklahoma City. The weather is certainly never boring here, whether it’s severe thunderstorms and tornadoes or just crazy cold fronts and wind, this state certainly has it all. He joined the FOX 25 StormWatch weather team in December of 2016 and has loved the city – and the weather – ever since.

Carlo grew up in New England in a small seaside town just north of Boston. Though the weather isn’t quite as extreme as in Oklahoma, the summer thunderstorms and especially the winter snowstorms and blizzards caught his attention from a very young age. Throughout his childhood he was always heading to the beach to watch the waves during winter nor’easters or lightning in thunderstorms. That fascination in weather lent itself very easily to sailing. Carlo used to teach sailing for five years during the summer months.

Carlo has a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire and a Master of the Arts in Broadcast Journalism from Emerson College in Boston. He is also an AMS CBM Seal holder. While in New Hampshire he was fascinated by all the small scale forecast challenges inherent to mountainous terrain and loved snowboarding in the massive snowfalls and numerous snow days.

His career started in Northern California where he got to see the California drought up close and the driest years in California’s history. He also got to experience his personal record hottest temperature of 116°. From there he went to Las Vegas and saw much more heat! Now he’s very excited to get the full gamut of heat, cold, snow, rain and severe weather.

In his spare time Carlo enjoys hiking, cycling, sailing, likes to go to the gym, and generally being outside. He shares that time with his two fuzzy children – Dendrite the cat, and Blizzard the American Eskimo dog. Both of which are very happy to be in Oklahoma.