Baker Mayfield makes tearful apology during news conference

Baker Mayfield makes tearful apology during news conference

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield apologized Monday night for his controversial behavior during the game against Kansas this weekend.

Mayfield spent about 20 minutes answering questions from reporters, and he broke down into tears several times at the podium. Mayfield said he knows he crossed a line Saturday night.

“It's been a tough 48 hours of regret and you know, I would go back and completely do it different, but I can't,” said Mayfield. “I can only move forward.”

During the game, he grabbed his crotch and yelled expletives toward the Kansas sideline. Mayfield said the behavior was unacceptable, and he apologized to all the people he let down.

Coach Lincoln Riley announced Monday Mayfield will not start during the West Virginia game on Saturday.

Mayfield said he completely understands the coach's decision, but not being able to walk on the field as a team captain will be especially difficult.

“Playing at OU is something I always dreamed of,” said Mayfield, as he choked back tears. “And so, not starting is what it is, but not being team captain is something so much more. It's hard because it being my last one here ever. It's going to be tough.”

Mayfield said whenever he does get to play, he’ll be ready – and his priority will be helping the team to win.

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