Lee Manzer: Holding down the scorekeeper's table at Gallagher-Iba Arena

Lee Manzer, left, has been a scorer at OSU bastketball games for 30 years and an OSU professor for 43. (KOKH)

Lee Manzer is loyal and true to Oklahoma State.

At 43 years and counting, Manzer is the longest tenured professor at the Spears School of Business.The 76-year-old is an OSU alum and sticks to teaching basic marketing classes now but he is just as sharp and witty as ever.

“If you’re willing to accept average results, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s when you put forth average effort and expect outstanding results. Ooopsie. There’s something wrong with that,” Manzer said.

He's in the classroom by day and the court by night. Anytime the Oklahoma State men's basketball team has a home game you can find Manzer courtside. He's been at it for 30 years. He started off doing statistics and now he's a scorekeeper.

“I get there about an hour and a half before the game, and I have this scorebook. I put in the roster of the two teams, make sure that’s done correctly," Manzer said.

After meeting with the officials, he stays plenty busy during the game.

“You gotta write down, who scored, what they scored, what time they scored. There’s a running score here and their individual score up here,” Manzer said.

He is joined at the scorekeeper's table by Kent Bunker, his friend of nearly 50 years. Bunker is a clock operator who is in his 47th years of working men's basketball games.

“We have a lot of fun and there’s a lot of bantering. And it’s more about the fun we have as a crew doing it," Manzer said.

Manzer does have a favorite part of his side gig.

“When I’m there, and down heremaybe two or three seats downis our son Bryndon doing the game," Manzer said.

You may recognize Bryndon Manzer. He's a former Oklahoma State basketball player who works for ESPN as an analyst. Like his dad, this is a side gig. His primary job is a financial planner.

“We get to visit before the games, and he gets to see me in a different light. And there’s probably a bit of competition to see who can talk to the most people. I think more than anything just being there together, and even if we don’t say anything, it’s nice to be around your family, especially because things don’t last forever," Bryndon said.

Lee has lived his life well and continues to do so with a heart that is full.

“The world is looking for front row people. They’re not looking for back row people," Manzer said.

Lee Manzer is one of those front row people, something we should all strive towards.

“I just flat out like people. I don’t know anyone I dislike. I’ve just been blessed.”

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