'Body by Glass': Oklahoma State's strength and conditioning coach key to their success

Oklahoma State Assistant Athletic Director for Speed, Strength and Conditioning Rob Glass. (Courtesy Oklahoma State Athletics)

Head football coaches get a lot of credit when it comes to the success of their football programs.

Take for instance Mike Gundy, who's built Oklahoma State into a national brand since he took over the helm for his alma mater in 2005. There is also another "man behind the curtain" who has been a key part to the sustained success of the Pokes. Players spend more time with Assistant Athletic Director for Speed, Strength and Conditioning Rob Glass than they do any other coach.

"It's been phenomenal really just to see the evolution and the growth of our whole athletic department. Years ago I believe our annual budget was about 12 million dollars and to look at where it is today...the facilities, the growth, the expanision. It's been tremendous," Glass said.

At the division one level you get the crème de la crème as far as athletes are concerned. Oklahoma State has had some fantastic players come through its football program: Dez Bryant, Justin Gilbert and more recently Mason Rudolph and James Washington.

All of these guys are talented but they also share another thing in common, they've all been "built" by Glass.

"I know the players around here say it is 'Body by Glass'," Glass said.

Body By Glass is built during the offseason.

"The offseason is a time where we can have a lot of impact and I have more opportunities to be hands on with the kids," Glass said.

The Pokes are in the midst of Spring football and Coach Glass and his staff are always on a schedule that is fine tuned and designed for specific players and position groups.

He is entering his 23rd season with Oklahoma State after beginning his career as a grad assistant in 1986. Glass spent nine season at his alam mater before leaving for Florida where he spent a decade.

Part two of FOX 25's interview with Rob Glass will air this week on the FOX 25 Primetime News at 9!

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