Police: Brawl breaks out between Oklahoma City high schools after football game


A brawl began following a high school football game between U.S. Grant High School and Capitol Hill High School on Friday, Oct. 26.

Police say the fight started while players were shaking hands at Speegle Stadium, 600 SW Grand Ave.

There were around 60 players from both teams and 10 coaches on the field when the fight started. The schools' coaching staffs managed to break up the initial fight, police say, but other scuffles on the field followed.

Police say 20-30 parents and fans ran onto the field and participated in the brawl.

It's reported that one player was on the ground that took a hit and some players removed their helmets and started swinging them at people, according to the Oklahoma City Police Department.

After failed attempts from school administrators to stop the brawl, a police officer deployed pepper spray, which helped police gain control of the situation and prompt the crowds to disperse.

No arrests have been made from the incident.

Both schools will forfeit their final games of the season, however, according to The Oklahoman's Adam Kemp.

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