Maysville fan to attend 400th straight football game this weekend

Roger "Big Redder" Perrin has been attending Maysville High School football games for 38-years. (KOKH)

He’s Maysville’s biggest fan and Friday night he’ll reach a milestone.

On Sept. 15, Roger “Big Redder” Perrin will witness his 400th consecutive Warriors football game as Maysville squares off against Fox.

That’s a pretty big deal.

“It’s just fun watching them play,” says the 68-year old. “It’s just something special.”

Perrin has been a Maysville fan for nearly 50 years but the streak started in 1979. Warriors head coach Lee Bluejacket says Roger is the epitome of a super fan.

“There’s really not Maysville football without Roger. It would be noticed by everyone if he wasn’t here,” Bluejacket said.

What makes this streak even more spectacular is the fact that Perrin doesn’t drive. He was a born with a muscle disease and has never had a license. But he’s always found a way to make every game for the last 38 years.

“Whenever you see Roger up there, even when he’s screaming, getting after it, it makes you want to push harder,” said senior center Toby Carr. “That’s our fan, that’s Roger right there.”

Perrin, who’s also a die-hard Oklahoma Sooners fan, says football has always been a huge part of his life.

“I love the game,” Perrin said. “I wish I had been able to play but wasn’t able to play.”

“He just loves sports, these kids and this community,” Bluejacket said. “And the community loves him back.”

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