Hail to Harrell: Carl Albert senior point guard making a name for himself

Carl Albert's Mason Harrell. (KOKH/Sam Gannon)

Carl Albert’s Mason Harrell is an entertainer.

Attend one of his games and watch the man work.

“You can take one part of his game away from him, press out on him, so he can’t shoot a three,” said Titans head coach Jay Price. “And he’s going to get right by you, go to the lane and create something.”

While he’s undersized as a point guard, standing at 5-feet, 8-inches, the senior is one of the top players in the state.

“I was starting as a freshman,” Harrell said. “I think a lot of guys didn’t really know me. But now I see a lot of defensive schemes. I feel like they better respect me or it’s going to be bad.”

Just last Thursday night against Ponca City, Harrell dropped a career high 52 pts in Carl Albert’s 107-50 win. Then matched that number the following night in the Titans 82-79 OT loss to Heritage Hall.

“It’s heart over height,” Teammate Jaedon Pool said. "He puts in the most work. He’s the hardest worker I know. Hearing about the height, it’s not a factor when it comes to the game."

Every week day, Mason’s alarm goes off at 4:40 a.m. Sometimes he sleeps in. But that’s a rarity. The janitor, Mr. Terry, opens the gym for him at 5:30 a.m.

“I don’t think a lot of people are doing this,” Harrell said. “So having that in your head, it gives you more confidence. I’m putting in the extra work and it’s showing off.”

While Mason’s goals are set on college basketball and beyond, with his first official offer coming from Binghamton over the summer, there’s still work to be done at Carl Albert.

Harrell played for a state title his freshman season, won it his sophomore year, then lost in the state semifinals last season.

“I got to bring another one (state championship) back. So that’s what I’m focused on,” Harrell said.

Price said Harrell has put in the work to leave a good legacy.

“He wants to know that when he leaves these doors,” Price said. “That he’s done everything he can do at the high school level and put himself in position to be a really good college player.”

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