Edmond high schools have their own football stadium

The new stadium in Edmond where all three high school will play football games. (KOKH)

For more than 90 years Edmond athletes have been playing football away from their schools. That is about to change with a new stadium all three teams will share.

The stadium is a 9.34 million dollar facility that will be shared by Edmond North, Edmond Santa Fe, and Edmond Memorial.

"We all get to use it, it's a source of pride for the community, the players, the booster clubs, the coaches. It's an amazing deal." said Edmond Memorial Coach Justin Meredith.

For years Edmond athletes have used UCO's Wantland Stadium. The original Edmond High School started playing at UCO back in 1924.

Zoom forward to 2016 and all three high schools will use the new stadium at Santa Fe High School, which will have enhanced concessions, and high tech lighting.

The school district says the synthetic turf is among the finest in the nation. The stadium was made possible by a 2015 bond issue approved by Edmond voters.

Memorial will play six games on this turf and Coach Meredith isn't worried about his players feeling like they don't belong on Santa Fe soil.

"Let's make it our place, let's pack it out, let's be loud and let's show our Bulldog pride." Meredith said.

Santa Fe Coach Kyle White says the new multi-million facility is proof of the community's commitment.

"I think it says a lot about the future for football, I think it shows that Edmond's committed to football, they're committed to their students, their athletes. To give them the best facilities around." White said.

Coach Scott Burger says he's expecting lots of fans to attend each game.

"It gives everybody their own unique place to call home. If the community will get behind it and it'll be a big turn out first game here. They'll see how awesome this place is." the Edmond North coach said.

The first chance for fans to check out the action on the field is September 2nd when Edmond North takes on Edmond Santa Fe.

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