Del City football coach happy to be back in his hometown

Del City Football Head Coach Mike Dunn speaks to his team. (KOKH)

Mike Dunn is happy to be back in his hometown.

The Del City head coach, who’s in his first season with the Eagles, spent the last 11 years in Texas but says it was always a goal to return to the area.

“I felt really good about the support of the community, the support of the staff,” Dunn said. “There are just a lot of things happening in Mid-Del that haven’t happened in a long time.”

The big goal for Dunn is to change the culture of the program and that’s where he leans on senior safety/wide receiver Issac Beverly.

“His attitude is contagious. I tell him all the time we’ll go as far as you go,” Dunn said.

After going through three different head coaches, the senior takes pride in being a leader and voice of the team.

“I talk a lot,” Beverly said. “It’s not really a mean type thing. I really want to see our team be the best that we can be. I can see what everyone else brings to the table. When I see that and what I’m capable of, it really excites me. So I try to keep everyone pumped up.”

Coach Dunn says Issac has a level of maturity that is rare. Beverly lives with his mom, who is a single parent, as well as his sister. He says, that while they’ve experienced some hard times, this game motivates him to become a better man for his family.

“Every time I’m out here running and it’s hot I just think I don’t want my mom to be working right now,” Beverly said. “I’d rather her be laid back in house, in the A.C., watching a television show with a butler coming to bring her something to eat. I envision that type of stuff and just let it drive me.”

Beverly’s hard work is paying off. He has several scholarships offers, some of which include Tulsa, Memphis, Ohio, Utah State, North Texas and Louisiana-Monroe. While he has yet to make a decision, Issac says he plans to take a few visits soon.

Del City (1-1) travels to Midwest City (1-1) tonight for a 7:00 pm kickoff.

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