Edmond Public Schools extends school year due to teacher walkout


Edmond Public Schools have extended their school year due to the teacher walkout.

The last official day of the year will now by May 25. High school students are planned to take their final exams on May 23 and May 24.

The district was out for nine days in early April as teachers walked out to rally for more education funding. The school was required to make up for three of the days lost. The Edmond Board of Education voted April 19 to amend the school's calendar to add two days to the end of the school year and to change the non-instructional April 27 day to an instructional day.

“We do not want our families to experience financial or family hardships by the changes to the calendar,” said Superintendent Bret Towne. “We will make every effort to accommodate families that have nonrefundable travel tickets or have students already registered for camps and activities that are scheduled to begin as early as our original first day out of school.”

If families have pre-arranged travel plans, they are asked to work directly with school administrators to make arrangements.

Edmond's neighboring school districts are taking similar measures to make up the time.

  • Oklahoma City Public Schools added one hour to the end of each school day for the rest of the year and pushed the last day of school to May 31st
  • Norman Public Schools will add 30 minutes to school days starting April 23rd and extend the school year by four days
  • Moore Public Schools changed its bell schedule to add more time to the teaching day and moved the last day of school to May 25th
  • The final day of classes for Yukon Public Schools will now be June 1st

Districts are required to provide 1,080 hours of instruction per school year.

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