Despite call to end walkout, teachers still rally for more funding at the Capitol

Hundreds of teachers and education supporters continue to rally at the Oklahoma Capitol April 13, despite a call to end the walkout. (KOKH/Shardaa Gray)

Despite the Oklahoma Education Association calling for an end to the teacher walkout, teachers still gathered at the Capitol Friday to rally for more education funding.

OEA President Alicia Priest announced Thursday that they were calling for an end to the teacher walkout after nine days. Priest said that teachers needed to shift their focus to the November elections. Teachers told FOX 25 they would focus on the elections, but that the fight isn't over.

An OEA member, Christopher Vain, told FOX 25 that he's at the Capitol because he was a part of the 30 percent who voted to come back out. Vain says he would rather lose his job than sit in the classroom knowing he failed his students.

"They're my kids, I have to do what's best for my kids. I have to do what's best for my kids and that is making sure they have adequate funding, they have text books that aren't from my parents generation and that they have buildings where there are supplies and there aren't roaches and rats running around." Vain said.

The American Federation of Teachers says they will take a survey Friday on whether to continue the walkout.

Alberto Morejon, creator of the grassroots Facebook group 'Oklahoma Teacher Walkout - The Time Is Now', says teachers are taking the movement into their own hands.

"We're going to come up over the weekend with a goal" Morejon said. "We're going to stick to it, we're not going to change it. We're going to do a survey tonight with the teachers and figure out what they want to do, and whatever they tell me they want to do is what I will post on the group."

Teachers are urging parents and students to join them at the Capitol Monday.

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