American Federation of Teachers asks OKCPS to remain closed Monday to continue walkout

Oklahoma teachers pack the Capitol rotunda April 11 during the teacher walkout. (KOKH/Steven Anderson)

The Oklahoma City American Federation of Teachers is asking for schools to remain closed on Monday to continue a walkout.

The union conducted a survey of teachers Friday and found that a majority of educators wanted to continue the walkout. The Oklahoma Education Association called for an end to the walkout Thursday as it hit its ninth day.

OKC AFT President Ed Allen says the union received a 110 percent response from membership. Allen says that is due to the online link to the survey being shared with nonmembers.

“Despite the survey problems, there’s a clear indication that people want additional time to try to exhaust every avenue for additional funding for schools,” Allen said.

The district has not yet responded to the demand. Hundreds of teachers returned to the Capitol Friday to continue rallying for more education funding.

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