Police: Woman arrested after assaulting student at metro high school

Tamillya Johnson, 32, was arrested May 4 on complaints of assault and battery and trespassing. Mug from a previous arrest. (Oklahoma County Jail)

Police have arrested a woman for allegedly assaulting a student during an altercation at Capitol Hill High School.

Oklahoma City Police Department records show Tamillya Johnson, 32, was arrested May 4 on complaints of assault and battery and trespassing.

FOX 25 spoke to the student who was allegedly assaulted Monday.

"They had been telling me the girl was looking for me, but I wasn't trying to get suspended,' The girl told FOX 25.

Police reports show that at 11:45 a.m. May 4 a school resource officer was called to the third floor of the school. The officer was able to track down Johnson and a female ninth grade student attempting to go down the stairwell. The two were escorted to an administrative office where the officer learned that Johnson was inside the school without checking in. Johnson claimed she was retrieving school work, though police were able to determine the school work had not been requested by principals.

Police learned that at some point Johnson had become involved in an altercation with another female ninth grade student and had hit her in the face. But police say the assault didn't stop there.

"Apparently the juvenile hit the other juvenile with a coke can - hit them in the head with it," said OCPD Spokesman MSgt. Gary Knight.

According to teen’s mother, Stephanie Walston, the soda can left a welt on her daughter’s forehead, leaving her incredibly shaken up.

"I received a phone call from my daughter, who was very hysterical, and then the principal got on the phone and explained to me that they needed me up at the school," Walston said.

Johnson and the student she was found with were both arrested. The student faces a misdemeanor charge of assault and battery. The student has not been named due to her age.

Oklahoma City Public Schools released the following statement on the incident:

The Oklahoma City Public School District is fully cooperating with law enforcement as they investigate an incident that occurred at Capitol Hill High School on Thursday, May 4. After coming onto campus to check her child out, a parent got into an altercation with another student in the hallway. Police and district security responded immediately, and the parent was cited for Trespassing and was arrested for Assault & Battery of a Minor. As always, the safety and security of students and staff is our top priority. To ensure student privacy and due to the ongoing law enforcement review in this case, we ask that all inquiries regarding the case be made to the Oklahoma City Police Department.
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