Police: Woman steals from metro shop, assaults pregnant clerk

OKCPD is looking for a woman accused of stealing from a metro shop before punching the clerk. (Oklahoma City police department)

Oklahoma City police are asking the public's help in identifying a woman accused of stealing some items from a metro store and punching a pregnant clerk.

Police released a photo of a woman they believe stole a purse and some clothing from Bargain Thrift Store in the 4500 block of NW 16th St.

"She went inside the store, she took a purse off the shelf and then she gathered other items and put them in the purse and left the store without paying for," said Oklahoma City Police Captain Robert Matthews.

Police reports show the clerk saw the woman leaving the store with the stolen items. The clerk followed the woman outside, asking her to return the items. Reports show the woman walked to a gold Buick sedan and got into the passenger side. The clerk continued to plead with the suspect to return the items. Eventually, the pregnant clerk took matters into her own hands by trying to grab the purse.

"The suspect turned and started hitting her. She hit her in the face, also in the neck and also in the stomach area," Matthews said.

Police said if you're caught in a situation like this, do not follow the suspect out of the store, saying you can put yourself in a dangerous situation.

"We don't always want people going out to try and confront somebody when they left the store," Matthews said.

But the pregnant clerk was able to snap a picture of the suspect, which police said could help further their investigation.

Anyone who can help identify the suspect should call Crime Stoppers at (405) 235-7300.

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