Massachusetts: Deer in a Subaru highway rescue

Massachusetts: Deer in a Subaru highway rescue (Braintree Police Department/CNN)

Driver Tyler Silverman was on his way to work in Massachusetts when he spotted the year-old buck lying on an expressway in the middle of traffic.

With the help of two other drivers, they put him in the rear of his car and he headed to a wildlife center.

He drove about six miles with the deer.

Braintree police say their animal control officer was dropping off an injured raccoon at the center when Silverman flagged him down.

Police said state environmental police were called, but before they arrived, the deer was checked out by wildlife center staff and ran off into the woods.

Officials said it may have seemed like Silverman was doing a good deed, but it was really very risky.

Wildlife rehabilitators said the deer could have become agitated inside the car, hurting himself or the driver.

Rehabilitators say not even they are permitted to handle an injured deer -- and it's best to call environmental police or animal control.

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