Japan: Deadly rains and flooding

Japan: Deadly rains and flooding (TV ASAHI/CNN)

At least eight people have died and nearly two million ordered to evacuate due to heavy rain in various areas ofJapan.

The Fire and Disaster Management Agency of Japan also said that 25 people are missing and 51 are injured.

At least 80 houses have been destroyed and 457 have been flooded.

The record level of rainfall in west and east Japan has prompted the government to call on all residents in the area to exercise maximum caution against landslides, flooding, gusts and other extreme weather conditions.

Flooding and heavy rains caused rivers to overflow, flood communities and destroying property across western and eastern areas of Japan after more than 1,000 mm (39.3701 inches) of rain fell in 72 hours.

The Japan Meteorological Agency is calling for vigilance as more rain is expected, which may pose dangers for residents in the affected areas.

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