Italy: 17 dead in a week of severe weather

Italy: 17 dead in a week of severe weather (

Drone footage of the wreckage caused in northern Italy following severe weather.

The death toll in Italy has reached 17 following a week of severe weather conditions and flooding across parts of Italy, the country's civil protection agency told CNN Saturday.

The devastating onslaught of strong winds and heavy rain, which battered parts of Italy over the past week, has led to the worst flooding seen in Venice for at least a decade after ferocious winds drove the high tide more than 155 centimeters (61 inches) Above the average sea level on Monday - one of the highest levels ever recorded.

In the northern region of Veneto, damages are estimated to have reached over 1 billion Euros, with several villages cut off as a result of landslides, while several schools remain closed.

The environmental cost of the severe weather has also been sizable, with dozens of hectares of forestry, including the famous 'Violin Forest', being decimated following high winds reaching up 190 kilometers (118 miles) per hour.

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