How your food is engineered to taste great

How your food is engineered to taste great (CNN/WDAF)

Ever wonder why your taste buds react to certain foods the way they do?

Why you love a certain candy bar or have a favorite brand of chips?

According to one of the scientists for a leading flavor and fragrances manufacturer in Switzerland, a lot of the foods we eat are engineered to taste great.

The role of these chemists or "flavorists" is to formulate the taste in virtually every product we eat and drink that is processed, preserved or packaged before it hits store shelves.

Some flavors contain only a single ingredient others may contain hundreds.

The average is about 25 to 30 ingredients.

And while the goal is to formulate a taste like mother nature intended, it's not just about re-creating natural flavors like vanilla.. but experimenting and developing fantasy flavors as well.

Mojito ice cream, anyone?

And in case you're wondering, flavoring usually makes up less than 1% of the volume of a finished food product.

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