How to defend yourself against the flu

How to defend yourself against the flu (CNN)

The flu is hitting people really hard this year.

In a new report released Friday by the CDC, they expect many more weeks of flu to come.


Widespread flu activity has led to an increase in hospitalizations and pediatric deaths have jumped to a total of 37.

Some places are even running short of the drug that helps minimize flu symptoms.

So your best defense, is yourself.

Some cities and states are experiencing a Tamiflu drug shortage during this busy flu season.

So be prepared.

Arm yourself with the best defense you have, your immune system..

One registered dietitian explains why people should stay away from too much sugar and alcohol.

"Alcohol suppresses your immune system. Too much added sugar can suppress your immune system." said Elyse Sartor, registered dietitian, "Especially during flu season we need to be very aware of how much we're drinking alcohol and how much added sugar we're eating and minimize those."

Minimize your chances of catching the flu.

Disinfect common areas in your home.

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