Flooding in Paris, France

Flooding in Paris suburbs (M6/CNN)

Flooding in Paris suburbs from M6 and CNN

Right now the streets of Paris are inundated with floodwater, as the River Seine continues to rise for the third day in a row.

Heavy rains have swollen the river to near-bursting levels.

It's expected to grow over 19 feet high - that's six meters high

The outskirts of Paris under water from BFM TV and CNN

The outskirts of Paris are under water after the swollen Seine burst its banks.

The river overflowed in some places this week when water levels reached just over 5 meters

The french capital remains on flood alert as of Saturday.

The Paris police expects flooding to peak at 5.95 meters between Sunday night and Monday morning local time.

Footage from CNN affiliate BFM TV shows the damage in Paris suburbs.

Residents there are beginning to clean up the streets in an effort to prevent rats and infections.

"Water came up very slowly so we manage to save a few things. The water is 1 meter up in the house and 1m 50 in our garden, we have to wait, there is nothing else to do." said Nicolas, a local resident.

"All this trash attracts rats. We have many rats sniffing around. With the water level, it is very hard… People left in a hurry, so there is many food leftover, cans, bottles of coke…. We found everything in the debris" said Severine, a local resident.

Flooding on Thursday in Paris from CNN

On Thursday the waters of the River Seine were rising steadily causing headaches for tourist and communters in Paris.

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