Boyfriend of police detective killed in line of duty says they were planning their future

Benjamin Marconi and Nate Nguyen. (Photo provided by Nate Nguyen)

SAN ANTONIO - It's been one year since Detective Benjamin Marconi was killed in the line of duty. The San Antonio Police Department veteran was working overtime on November 20, 2016 when he was shot and killed.

To mark the one year anniversary of his death, we sat down with his partner of four years, Nate Nguyen, to talk about the life they shared and the plans they had for the future.

"We became friends, and then we became best friends and then he wanted to start a relationship and I told him, no, because he was a little older," jokes Nguyen.

Benjamin was 20 years older than Nate, but he says the two got along well. Both served in the military and understood each other.

"He always gave advice to me and other people," says Nate. Marconi would later also help a man he had once arrested.

"Every month, he could come out and help out around the house with us, and buy him food, pick him up, drive him back home, lend him money for his kids," says Nguyen. "He helped this guy out even though he arrested him."

"That's the kind of person he was."

The day Marconi was shot was no different. He was trying to write a warning to a driver who didn't have a child in a car seat. It was a warning and not a ticket.

Nate rushed to the hospital after learning Ben was injured. He was told Marconi did not survive.

"I saw him laying there. I don't know, it hurt really bad," says Nate. "But I'm glad I got to see him one last time, you know. Especially his eyes. I'm glad I got see his eyes one last time."

Nate says he had planned to ask Ben to marry him this year during a trip to Rome he had been planning.

"October 28th this year," he says. "I was going to take him to Rome with me and then do it up there. I had, I had his son's blessing."

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