Are low calorie wines worth it?

Are low calorie wines worth it? (CNN)

If you're a calorie-conscious wine lover, you've probably stumbled upon "skinny" wines, they claim to provide the same delicious beverage -without all those pesky calories.

But are the calorie savings worth the compromise?

Flavor, aroma and balance matter when choosing a glass of wine but if you're on a diet, calorie content might be on your mind.

There are about one-hundred-twenty calories in a glass of white table wine.

Depending on the variety, "skinny" wines have fifteen- to thirty-percent fewer calories.

You could save anywhere from twenty to forty calories on a typical glass...

So where do the calorie savings come from?

It's not sugar - red wine contains less than a gram of sugar per glass; white wine has about 1-and-a-half grams in every glass

Winemakers looking to control calories tend to lower the alcohol content

Insisting the process maintains flavor, aroma, and feel of a full-alcohol wine.

But wine experts say the calorie savings from "skinny" wine is negligible, suggesting you savor every sip and tally up calories elsewhere.

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