A look at the React Lab at Tinker Air Force Base

    A look at the React Lab at Tinker Air Force Base (KOKH)

    New and constantly developing technology is keeping Tinker Air Force Base ahead of the curve. The React Lab and the engineers that work there are to get planes back in the air -faster than ever.

    Using new and sophisticated technology to support the maintenance depot that's the mission of the React Lab. The lab is a small, hidden building in the vast network that is Tinker Air Force Base, and it's changing how efficiently the maintenance depot runs.

    Right now the lab's main focus is building tools for the machine shop, which can then focus on making aircraft parts and the React Lab can build these tools much faster cutting down build times from weeks to mere hours

    That kind of efficiency saves both time and money and base officials clearly consider this tech a success, all you have to do is look at how much the react lab has grown in its four years of operation.

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