Oklahoma's Most Wanted: Suspect's mother asks for violence to stop

David Hill. (Oklahoma County Jail)

The search is on for a man wanted on several warrants, including one connected to a drive-by shooting.

Each week FOX 25 teams up with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office to help find its most wanted suspects. This week’s suspect is 18-year-old David Hill.

David Hill's mother, Clemontine Hill, said she hasn't seen her son in a long time. She also said that she's caught in the cross fire of a confrontation between her son and gang members.

“As you can see, bullet holes here, bullet holes here,” Clemontine said.

Seventeen bullet holes remain in her car.

“I don't have anything to do with anything. I don't gang bang with nobody,” said Hill’s mother. “I get along with everybody, but I have had my car and my house shot up.”

Seven times to be exact. She said a confrontation between her son and gang members makes here afraid to live in her own home.

“All I'm asking for is peace. For peace, please. Leave my house alone,” Clemontine said.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office says Hill is wanted for several warrants. The most recent stems back to November 19th. That’s when investigators say Hill was involved in a drive-by shooting. Court documents show Hill is wanted in connection with that shooting and for being a felon in possession of a gun. Those documents also show Hill told Oklahoma City police officers that the shooting was a continuation of a confrontation that started at a local bar and it continued to the Circle K in Bricktown.

A person in the car told police they heard an accomplice yell duck and several shots were fired.

Hill's mother said the last time her house was shot up was in November, while she says her grandchildren were outside playing by her car.

“I'm upset about those bullet holes, but I'm also thankful because the bullets went in my car and not in one of my grandkids. So I'm just trying to say, whatever it is, I'm not a part of it,” Clemontine said.

Clemontine told FOX 25 she knows her son has gone down the wrong path.

Hill has warrants dating back to 2012 and 2014 for possession of controlled dangerous substance and intent to distribute controlled dangerous substance in 2014 as well.

Anyone with information of Hill’s whereabouts are urged to call Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

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