Oklahoma's Most Wanted: Janson Jackson

Janson Jackson, 19, was wanted in Oklahoma County for complaints of larceny from a house and drug charges. (Oklahoma County Jail)

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Janson Dean Jackson, 19, was wanted out of Oklahoma County on felony larceny from the house, possession of drug paraphernalia and misdemeanor possession of a controlled dangerous substance. He has been wanted on the drug charges since April 25, 2017 and since May 10, 2017 on the larceny complaint.

"There is a pattern," Mark Opgrande with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office said. "Obviously it's already an established pattern of a crime committed in 2016 that he's accused of and then this latest one just a few months ago up in Edmond as well."

The larceny warrant stems from a Feb. 3, 2016 incident where he was identified as one of three suspects that allegedly burglarized a home in the 1800 block of NW 220 Street in Deer Creek. Court records show cash, medication, an iPhone and a ring was missing from the home.

"There are a lot of times where you see about these stories where kids will go steal prescription drugs too," Opgrande said. "So when they're having these parties at these houses like this these are prime opportunities for these individuals to show up at the house unannounced, go through the house when they think no one is really paying attention."

Police said they found Jackson in the parking lot of Mitch Park in Edmond with about 48 grams of marijuana along with scales. That has him wanted on the charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance and drug paraphernalia.

Janson turned himself in to the Oklahoma County Jail on Sept. 20.

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