USGS 'cannot currently conclude' wastewater drilling caused quake

FILE - A map of earthquakes and fault lines is on display inside the Oklahoma Geological Survey on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in this Friday, Jan. 8, 2016 photo. (Keaton Fox/KOKH)

The United States Geological Survey says it cannot conclude whether or not Saturday morning's 5.6 magnitude earthquake was caused by industrial related human activities at this time.

However, the USGS does not that many earthquakes in Oklahoma have been cause by wastewater drilling.

The USGS says it will continue its' investigation over the next few weeks to help determine an answer.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission wasted no time shutting down drill sites in the area, however.

The OCC's Oil and Gas Division is in the process of implementing a mandatory directive to shut down all Arbuckle disposal wells within a 725 square mile area, based on the location of the quake, according to a spokesperson. The area will include 211 square miles of Osage County, which is under the jurisdiction of the Environmental Protection Agency. OCC is working with the EPA and says they will determine what action is taken in that area.

Saturday's quake was centered about 9 miles northwest of Pawnee, Oklahoma. At least one building sustained damage to an exterior wall.

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