USGS: 4.2 magnitude quake, several others rattle central, eastern Oklahoma


A sizable earthquake shook a significant part of the state Friday morning.

The United States Geological Survey is reporting a preliminary 4.2-magnitude earthquake around 8 miles northwest of Stroud. The earthquake hit at 8:47 a.m. Several earthquakes followed with the USGS reporting a 3.8-magnitude aftershock in nearly the same location followed by four smaller earthquakes.

Oklahomans reported to FOX 25 feeling the shaking from as far as Tulsa back to the Oklahoma City metro.

The Oklahoma Geological Survey says an oil and gas field inspector is in the area investigating the activity. The earthquakes occurred in an "Area of Interest" where oil and gas wastewater disposal into the Arbuckle formation has been sharply reduced. The OGS says that no new well activity has been reported in the area. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission is reviewing the activity of eight disposal wells within 10 miles of the epicenter of the event.

Oklahoma Corporation Commission spokesperson Matt Skinner tells FOX 25 the location of the epicenter could be cause for concern.

"As of right now it appears that there is an un-mapped fault in that area, and it would appear based on the data, and this is from the Oklahoma geological survey, that the Earthquakes were following this fault," he said.

There has been a total of 26 earthquakes of 2.7 magnitude or greater in July this year. Last year, the state totaled 106 for the entire month of July.

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