Pawnee Nation school damaged from earthquake

Damage inside the Pawnee Nation Campus following a record-tying 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck central Oklahoma Saturday September 3rd. (KOKH)

Damaged buildings and toppled bricks could be seen all across Pawnee Saturday morning after a record-tying 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck in northern Oklahoma.

Most of the damage has been cleared but in Pawnee Nation, there's still so much to repair.

"It was pretty scary around here for the kids and everybody, they just panicked," Pawnee resident Roger Pickering said.

Like Pickering, many were rocked awake this morning. Businesses in Pawnee not yet open for business, now out thousands in damages.

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"The whole house was shaking. Even my daughter who lives in Red Rock, she said things were falling off the wall at her house," said Pickering

Just a few blocks off the Main Street where most of the attention was given, there's Pawnee Nation. Pawnee Nation President Bruce Pratt says their community was also hit hard by this earthquake.

"I thought here comes antoher one like we've had here before, but this one wouldn't stop," said Pratt.

President Pratt now says his tribal community is in need of serious repair, especially on the Pawnee campus.

"We have six buildings that received damage. Two are pretty significant, you can see where the mortar has fallen," said Pratt.

Pratt went on to say that the school administration building was hit the hardest.

"Specifically it's all on the inside a lot of ceiling damage, wall damage, the space between the wall and the ceiling," said Pratt.

Classes were supposed to resume on Tuesday, but they will now be closed until every building is properly inspected.

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