Big mess after quake shakes Pawnee grocery store

Some of the damage at White’s Foodliner in Pawnee after the 5.6 quake hit Saturday Sept 3. 2016 (Bill Schammert/KOKH)

White’s Foodliner is shut down until further notice as employees scramble to clean up after Saturday morning’s 5.6 earthquake. Fox 25 reporter Bill Schammert reports that the smell of syrup and barbecue sauce is filling the air at the store as workers use brooms and shovels to pick up items knocked off of store shelves.

The store posted on it’s Facebook page this morning that they wouldn’t be opening due to “operation earthquake cleanup”. No word yet on the financial damage suffered by the store.

The strong, serious earthquake was felt in seven states and several aftershocks have been recorded.

Saturday's quake was centered about 9 miles northwest of Pawnee, Oklahoma. Mayor Brad Sewell confirms damage in the downtown area.

At least one building sustained damage to an exterior wall. The area is barricaded and Sewell says a building inspector will take a look before people are allowed back inside.

A barn fire was also reported north of town, but the mayor says that was electrical in nature and it's not clear if the earthquake was responsible.

One person was briefly hospitalized after sustaining injuries from a chimney collapse. Sheriff Mike Walters says the person was treated at the hospital and released.

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